Focus on your repair and spare parts business. Our software takes care of the routine tasks.

AutoFutur -the professional choice for the automotive industry

Car repair shops, auto parts stores and heavy equipment

AutoFutur is the most widely used system in the Nordic countries for managing operations in spare parts stores and repair shops. The software is continuously developed in close collaboration with industry professionals, making it modern, comprehensive, and user-friendly. AutoFutur is already used by approximately 2,000 automotive industry companies across multiple thousands of terminals.

An automotive industry company’s operations must also be financially profitable. Significant amounts of money are spent each month on equipment and tool investments, as well as maintaining expertise. Therefore, efficient billing and financial management are needed, along with fast cash flow. Accounting costs need to be minimized, and financial monitoring must be prompt. Additionally, pricing of products and services must be profitable, time management needs to be precise, and parts procurement should be efficiently executed.

KoneFutur - a comprehensive solution for professionals in the machine industry

Machine, spare parts and tool sales, as well as maintenance services

Machine, spare parts, and tool sales, as well as maintenance services, require efficient tools for operational management. Product and pricing information needs to be up-to-date in real-time, and orders and inventory inquiries should happen seamlessly, without any intermediate steps.The starting point is that the company should not have to use multiple programs to manage different functions.

Separate billing software, cash register, payment terminal, service booking diary, order book, manual invoices, Excel price lists, and suppliers’ online ordering systems lead to fragmented information. Additionally, prices often don’t stay up to date, reporting is difficult, and time is consumed by routine tasks. As an integrated software solution, KoneFutur handles all of the company’s information as a unified, user-friendly, and reliable system. In addition to basic functions, the company’s operations can be improved with features such as quickly creating cost estimates, service agreements, and automatic text messages to customers.